moving on

..dear diary, I started out this blog to write whatever I wanted. This blog grew into a fashion blog, ever since I found out about lookbook.nu back in 2008. Now, six years later it's time for a change. I'm twenty-four and happily married. My life has changed. Also, my company is growing and growing and since last week a very good friend is helping me to keep up with all the work. So very grateful for you Nöomi! This year is going to be the best year ever and probably the most craziest ever as well. I work as a freelancer in Social Media and I have done various projects over the last year. I've been working as a freelancer with the most amazing people behind STACH food for almost a year now. And next week I will start working at their Marketing department as well. In mid February I will also start teaching Social Media / Blogging classes at the fashion institute B Academy. Which I'm very excited about! Check out my portfolio for recent things I've done for my own company. I want to thank all of my amazing readers and followers for all the heartwarming comments and e-mails over the years. I will still have my blog, but will not update frequently. My Pinterest account has become my number one inspiration source and I treat it as my baby. Please follow my Pinterest for the best updates. You won't be disappointed! Plus my Instagram is always up to date. Don't hesitate to say hello. Love you all xx..
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..Never give up on your dreams, if you believe it.. it will happen! x..

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isabel marant etoile

..Happy Christmas! we have lots of presents this year as you can see behind me. I'm still really busy during the holidays all I can tell is.. hard work pays off. As part of my late birthday gift and an early Christmas gift I finally got my hands on these amazing Isabel Marant Étoile sneakers. I got them at Shoebaloo in Amsterdam. best-thing-I-ever-bought. work-overload.. as I'm considering hiring an awesome intern next year, but we'll see if I can find the right person. I still wake up everyday super excited for work. I definitely can't complain whatsoever. love love.. have a great christmas this year xx..
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  • Isabel Marant Étoile Bekket solid sneakers
  • Amsterdam beadies necklace
  • Zara jeans + white shirt

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