karen millen

..chillin' in my denim shorts and karen millen sunnies. Mrs. fancy pants. It's Friday and the hubby and I are having a day off. We're staying in today and he's cooking (good-looking). I can't see without glasses so I just got these prescription sunglasses which is such an eye-opening. I can finally see! I have these awesome ray-bans aviators, but it's so sad I can't see a living thing when I wear them. I'm definitely looking forward to next summer to wear these babies even more. This is just a random outfit, which is ultimately also me. Totally random, casual and simple (not minimalistic). Okay it smells good in here.. Thomas is cooking delicious macaroni and cheese. I'm outty.. x..
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let your hair down

..we're having a late summer in the netherlands.. I'm definitely not complaining. There's just something about the sun that makes me so much happier. I love summer and spring. I'm not looking forward to cold weather. I don't mind having cold weather, but the weather in the netherlands can be really depressing all year round. some pictures to lighten up the mood. lots of love x..
 photo f19e7d93587e739bbd873328d07c1a94.jpg photo fe30efe7c361a2fe11301250d9269a1a.jpg photo c849b3a85f2412abc83a41e14aa939fe.jpg photo e2a6a2857dfdc69474d67039290096e0.jpg photo dcf103cdb519f0cd7afe50ad682f7355.jpg photo ac3e1e43015b22558bb74668415b25cb.jpg photo 8101311656d53020cf849cf0bdf2ac64.jpg photo 5786d2568c9f8ffde34736efd967835e.jpg photo 5298ad9701a1d9924226b7baed49d367.jpg photo 1987a6a9358dc1afa6c387f9a39a2aeb.jpg photo 601d45c6cf92849870b8464053301a58.jpg photo 529bbfa4e3ae4cdc1d7d59aafe53e4ec.jpg photo 453e3040b0f5bc927698ebd5c18c394f.jpg photo 123c142208ad5dd729183b53ee8d0c36.jpg photo 73e366323047997c71d095ed505ae7ce.jpg photo 68d8234034e8ca1de7e6b3f24bbfd8b6.jpg photo 65bf81e326ed6f29a754908fff70b5c6.jpg photo 34b6235d43060d585c40927b0516e090.jpg photo 31e91d365ac4f3c3daf5ad4281522023.jpg photo 9d6e7ee923a6955bbb85e7079935ecd7.jpg photo 9cc9dffd502c05f52acb9341a90809b8.jpg photo 9c3795724d5b8cdf66910c8e4ce9be43.jpg photo 9af59dac382a136b05a54f41ec5fbb0c.jpg photo 8bb2a25c94f92ad8c6b0024de1dc51b2.jpg photo 6f14f3c2a61420186654b683c89ccdd4.jpg photo 4fe81f24514cec6a75e68a15c1d0afe1.jpg photo 3e200cf707771f555be655395d639cde.jpg photo 3e2c730de679b52efdf8b8ef8ce9ea27.jpg photo 1e752d5f2b735eb2504474301d4333fc.jpg photo 0a23b119eb100784dfcd4b330572cb99.jpg

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love what you do

..this week is going to be relaxing and meet up with friends. I'm so grateful this week has been such good weather so far. This will probably be the last week of summer. I'm going to miss it. Summer is my favorite season. I'm also going out with two of my besties which I never really do. Going out for drinks yes, but going out, not so much. So I'm looking forward spending time with these two awesome people. See yaaa x..
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