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Watch the video: Pharrel Williams - Happy (and dance along!)

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..I'm guilty of having a fear of missing out. Something you hope for, but isn't really there. Yet I'm not missing out on the good stuff, if I set my priorities straight. I get inspiration mostly through Pinterest and Instagram. Pictures that feed my creative soul and things that spark my interest. A few things that caught my attention or random things I've been doing (hashtag) just because I can. I've been a fan of the Gossip Girl series ever since we got Netflix over here. I've watched all six seasons in only two weeks. The scenes and the stories are still fresh in my head. Actress Leighton Meester played the populair and bitchy high school girl: the infamous Blair. Funny enough, in real life she's not like her character at all. Leighton Meester is creative, down to earth and fun. I bumped into this awesome video of her singing and playing the guitar! How awesome to see? On another note, I've recently watched the movie Frozen and it's the cutest Disney movie I've seen in a while. Little olaf the snowman and little anna singing. Please enjoy this song sung by Kristen Bell (tip: watch the 'Summer Song' while you're at it.. so incredibly funny). So much awesome content to find on the world wide web. I also came across this awesome girl Jasmine Dowling from Brisbane, Australia. I found her through Instagram and she has a very cute blog and makes the most incredible typography and hand written cards/everything. Do visit her blog right here. Shop all her beautiful things in her shop right here. There are a lot of creative people out there, but it's rare to find people who really spark your interest. Pinterest does so much for my creative soul, it's not just pictures to me. I only re-pin and keep the pictures that are approved by my first instinct. I also found this cool retailer called Oak based in New York. It's one of those online shops that you don't come across that often. Similar to Oak's online shop are La Garconne and Shop Heist. To end this rambling of words... if you haven't heard of Jean Stories than you should hear about it now. The concept and the story is simple, yet so well put-together and well thought-out. If there's something meant to be, the outcome is big and it's so right. So much love for creative souls like Jane and Florence. A bunch of really cool people wearing denim. Telling stories about their favorite denim..
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