soft pink

..no blue mondays for me. rather pretty in pink today. so excited for a new week to begin.. love my job! love what you do and you won't have to work a day in your life. happy thoughts! xx.
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..I like playing dress up. This is what happens: I'm in my comfy clothes all week long, working from home has to feel comfortable. Hard work done. (Curious what I do for work? Feel free to check out my portfolio). I usually don't work in weekends, and Saturdays are the perfect excuse for playing dress up. Here's one of them..
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the shirt

..weekends are sacred. I'm enjoying mine. I had a really intense and full week filled with work. doing what I love. my job and work as a freelancer. Take a leap of faith, who knows where it will get you. Cheers to the weekend!..
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  • Zara mint green skirt
  • Zara blue poplin shirt
  • Beadies necklace
  • Superga classic white shoes

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you is awesome

..just a sweet reminder that you are awesome. I'm working on a few freelance assignments.. super excited! I love being busy with what I love.. creativity flows through my veins. What do you think of my new profile photo? Just an update how I actually look like. Tan will be gone soon though. Have a fun week girls and boys.. x..
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..the best pictures are made when creatives work together and the approach is low-key, good styling and an eye for beauty. I'm overwhelmed by how good this editorial is. Plus a clear blue sky makes up for everything. Killer model anja, incredible photographer emily abay and stylist ivana martyn-zyznikow. you be the judge x..
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