pointy heels

..I saw these babies in the store. I can't find them online anywhere. Best heels I bought in a very long time.. the straps and the pointy nose make it a killer heel. Plus they're comfy. Speak to ya later x..
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  • Green pointy heels by Zara
  • Snake print dress by Zara
  • Fedora hat by Yellow 108

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never ending story

 photo georgia-may-jagger-by-angelo-pennetta-for-i-d-magazine-summer-2014-2.jpg photo f594f4393de516bf872e1073455c6bb0.jpg photo da9994df9771d132fe3407a39f08698c.jpg photo b87398ae02dae19211dd7867d0c0f77a.jpg photo 37603218e862679ab7aea29b945bd27a.jpg photo 69741901e248dd121dc86484f9d54d7d.jpg photo 5848445f30738089f97080464c436d5f.jpg photo wwwpinterestcom.jpg photo 104678f18e97a941ca3a84c211f8a2f4.jpg photo 33812b819f4f87b1d23e164d80fa8470.jpg photo 077e9ff71fd41e4957a0987ab278ef24.jpg photo 38f009d2a08509912288155be873f497.jpg photo 18cea35945e16e1c0e099894889af4ed.jpg photo 8e60053425c1a7a2135d3f1d9f39b420.jpg photo 6a0a0ef12eff628e66a56038aa1e978b.jpg photo 5eefbf08d6e0ff9f01d1e49484c4bd2d.jpg photo 5b18898c372f575476ceb59265d9798f.jpg photo 5a6cd3c436113f8511cf9438de1f3cb0.jpg photo 4d2a31371b350f1140f2c4baf84d3fba.jpg photo 4b5a92a8ce926be585e739038e4203aa.jpg photo 3dece78693e4690744b7429f89c62842.jpg photo 2f34a113c45547109ce7459a1ba7a954.jpg photo 2cca78d8d45fadf9d546d597077726c2.jpg photo 1aa56747aa7ccfba74ef7536a39ec43c.jpg

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what the vogue

 photo 1408119076202685IMG_1908.jpg photo 1408118593442201IMG_1974.jpg photo 1408119104624299IMG_1885.jpg photo photo.jpg photo 1408119112362539IMG_1882.jpg
 photo 1408118567916417IMG_1939.jpg

  • 'What the Vogue' sweatshirt by The Darling
  • Jeans by Zara (on sale)
  • Khaki heels by Zara

All images are made with the Canon Powershot S120 and edited with vsco



..I like to capture the moments in life. In reality I don't always carry a camera around me. I do always carry my phone with me. This is where Instagram comes in. My two favorite platforms are Pinterest (addicted much?) and my Instagram feed. Do follow me on both platforms. I update them with new content everyday..
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