when it doesn't feel right

One of the perks of being a blogger is getting things for free and getting clothing sent to you. One of the first things I got sent was three pair of sunglasses. When the package arrived I got so excited my neighbours could hear my joy. At that time you could've made me happy with a tissue sent to me. As months go by I got opportunities and things given I never thought I could get for free.. an entire coffee machine from the luxurious brand Electrolux? My eyes were opened to a new world.

- It's when you've given so much and everything seems to be settled for you. What's to worry? You want more. And more.. and a little bit more.. The thought of getting something you didn't expected is more greater than the actual getting.

What do you do when you get boots you've always wanted? Wear them everyday? Because you said that in your post.. "I could wear them everyday". But do you? It's nearly impossible to wear them everyday because you're a fashion blogger and fashion bloggers don't wear outfits twice. Or do we? It slowly becomes one of the many shoes you own in your closet. Maybe a couple times a year you come across an item that stays a favorite for many years. It's most definitely not an item bought for mainstream reasons or bought because it's a hype. Do we keep all the clothes we've bought or do we sell them? Sell them at a garden sale, have a three-second moment of relief and then use the money for brand new clothing?

Circle round.


This Christmas has been one of the best Christmas ever. Not only family bonding-wise but also what presents I got. I got medium expensive gifts I've always wanted: these fabulous studded biker boots, a grey bucket bag and an sequin beaded skirt all from my favorite store Zara. Three things I've been eying on for a couple of years now. It's not the actual gift that makes me love them. It's the reason and person I got it from which made it so special. When I look at these three items all I see is.. love. These items I could've gotten myself. But I haven't. Because I know it'll be with the wrong intentions and I won't love it as much as I do now. Nothing you've gotten quickly or rushed will make you satisfied.  

I've had my fair share of shopping, going into towns and going in and out a good amount of shops. Going through all the racks and picking out which one is the most appealing quality, quantity and price-wise. - Been there done that -

But what if I don't want to spend my time doing this anymore? Do I just buy the most *expensive one because that'll make me sure of getting good quality? I say yes and why not. *expensive to me is 70 euros and above. I've never bought anything worth more than 200 euros. Time is of the essence and I'd like to spend this time with people I love. Not things and clothing I love. Aren't the best things in life for free?

Whatever situation you're in. Maybe you've made you're way through getting your dreamjob, but still it doesn't feel right. Or agreeing to do a business collaboration but your intentions aren't genuine. Or putting money before passion. Or whatever wrong feeling you have about maybe your boss, colleagues or friends.. 

- when it doesn't feel right.. I'd say remove yourself from that situation. It will most definitely be for the best.


  1. i think you said the true...but fashion its not always the best....
    kisses baby


  2. Dit klopt inderdaad. Eigenlijk heb ik hier niks aan te te voegen... Maar toch: Wij doen met kerst geen cadeautjes. Dit vind ik aan de ene kant jammer, want het verlaagt het kerstgevoel, maar aan de andere kant kunnen we wel focussen op waar het echt om gaat: de geboorte van jezus en niet om de cadeaus. Voor vele draait kerst alleen nog maar om cadeaus, en ik ben blij te lezen dat jij hier heel anders over denkt!


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