casual ensemble

Who is the most interesting? Who is the prettiest? There's a dutch programme called het mooiste meisje van de klas, which means the prettiest girl in class. It's a striking title, why is that specific girl so interesting? What's so fascinating about the prettiest girl? It's not really all about looks, but then again it is. I find it interesting. Some people are just interesting to follow and have an ability to intrigue people. What do they do in their daily life and what keeps them busy? This not only reminds me of my highschool years, but it kinda reminds me of the blogging world a bit.

It's fun to look back at who your were friends with in high school and in elementary school, how you looked like, what you did and what everybody else did. I feel like the blogging world is a world that I'll probably talk and look back in ten years and have the most interesting stories. I don't really have that kind of feeling with my college years. There's something nostalgic about looking back at my years before I grew up.


Someone who's pretty, I think is a combination of how you look like and maybe even more how you present yourself. How I feel about myself right now is very different how I felt about myself in my high school years. It may surprise you, but I was maybe the complete opposite of how I dress myself today. Alternative music and skater boyfriends were all I was interested in. Instead of finding myself, I dug a deeper hole for myself.

I never understood the populair girls at school, I found them annoying but fascinating at the same time. I had thoughts about girly girls that weren't exactly positive, but little did I know that hanging out with the crowd I chose was more destructing than anything else. Whereas I wanted to get away from negativity, all I did was looking it up. Many years later I find myself hanging out with both girly girls and not. The prettiest girl in class I never was. Though, I'm utterly blessed for the place I'm in my life right now.

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Today I'm wearing H&M sweatpants, Pull & Bear turtleneck, Pieces fur vest, Converse All star ox.


  1. you're really beautiful baby!

    Athletics- new outfit

  2. You look really nice and snuggly! xxx

  3. Love your sweatpants! I like mine from Zara!


  4. Cool look, your hair is beautiful.


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