gold bomberjacket

I give you best of both worlds. Not just an outfit post with quick words saying hello and two seconds later goodbye! I'm tempted to do only writing, but that will kill the visual generation. Isn't it all about, first seeing than believing? I don't agree with that, but I do like to show you my well prepared outfit shots. This is for you visual generation. I'm interested in stories, background information and thoughts about recent topics. Today I'd like to talk about the art of contradiction.

We speak fond of people that can help us get where we want to be and we forget about people that can only do very little or nothing for us. Selfish much? There's so much we do that is completely selfish and I take full responsibility for anything that may have hurt or did damage to someone or something that was caused by my action.. - let me get back to business - how can someone proof or clarify that I did anything? 


I can't get my mind around people who are appalled by the thought someone else is gossiping about them, but run off with friends and do the exact same thing. Or assume someone hasn't been honest all this time because they don't follow them on Twitter anymore. Do you know how crazy that sounds? Ignorance is bliss. Avoiding anything that slightly annoys you, only helping out someone if this will benefit yourself.. because it's all about me, me, me. 

I'm very grateful for the voice and independence I got given and for whatever situation I'm put in, the choice is mine to act with love.. and not with hate.




This gold jacket makes me want to do the shimmy shimmy dance. Come along my friends! Let's dance.

PS. I'm wearing Topshop jumpsuit (old collection) Zara heels and Primark jacket & clutch


  1. The jacket is simply stunning, love it! X


  2. Absolutely gorgeous post, love the jumpsuit and bomber-they work so well together!
    R x

  3. I've never been a gossip-er and I've never liked a gossip. Gross.

    This jacket is super pretty on you!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  4. you always have great looks baby

    please visit my last outfit


  5. Je hebt helemaal gelijk, soms is de manier waarop mensen met elkaar omgaan zo onbegrijpelijk.
    Geweldige outfit weer! liefs!

  6. Been a long time I haven´t visited your blog... how I miss it a lot! It´s always inspiring of what you write here, and I enjoy reading :) By the way, love the outfit and the gold bomberjacket! Looks good on you! :)

    xo, airene

  7. "I can't get my mind around people who are appalled by the thought someone else is gossiping about them, but run off with friends and do the exact same thing."

    This sounds very familiar, I hear how this happens all the time. It would be great if people would just start with being honest.

    Love your jacket, by the way! Not lying ;)

  8. LOVE the gold jacket on you. Any piece that makes you want to do a little dance is a winner in my books! xx


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