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I wonder if too much shopping can be an addiction. We've all seen Confession of a shopaholic and the infamous green scarf. How one thing can lead to another. But I don't feel like people look down on people who shop too much. Rather they support it. "I lovee your jacket.. I saw on Instagram you were contemplating on buying it at Zara! I'm glad you bought it.. It fits you so well." Especially fashion lovers like me who support this kind of behaviour. Never would anyone dare to ask this question: "Why do you buy so much?" I mean, let the woman or man buy whatever she likes? I mean it's money they earn themselves.

But still I raise a big question mark in my mind when someone just buys a whole lot. What's the point in buying another pair of gloves when you already have them in every colour? "I saw this perticular glove on the runway in Paris Fashion Week." I believe having too much of anything of this world can never be any good.


Hard work pays off in so many ways. Patience, being humble, giving instead of receiving, not being judgemental, not gossiping are just a few type of behaviour that we don't learn from the world. We learn the opposite. When expecting the best, how can I prosper when I indulge myself in hate and act with an ugly attitude?

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An end result without effort is not worth the price. Saying yes, when it benefits yourself and saying no when it doesn't do anything for you at all. Having a bite of every little option, because that's the easy way out? Where's the fire gone, the spark, the insipring girl you have always been? Can't we just wish a person good luck without having the intention to pursue a selfish need?


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I feel like being happy with what we have is not only a goal, but a way of life. How can I enjoy life when I'm always pursuing things I don't have? Instead I like to focus on what's important and always.. always act with love.

PS. I'm wearing Zara fur coat & heels New Look jeans Sugarlips dress French Connection glasses

Real time note: I'm off to the hairdressers now. I cut my hair at Day and Night hairdressers, Jonge Roelensteeg. My hair grows too fast, to have one look. You've seen me with so many different hair lengths, I don't even know where to begin. My hair literally grew more than an inch in the last three months. I'm contemplating on cutting my hair a bit shorter than normal, as my hair grows out so fast. Plus my roots need some colour. Hope you have a splendid Thursday ;-) Speak soon! X (Follow me on Instagram for more real time updates!)


  1. Zo waar wat je zegt! Ik was ook echt verslaafd aan shoppen.. Je wil niet weten in welke bochten ik me heb gewrongen om toch dat ene jurkje nog te kopen.. Gelukkig nooit serieus mee in de problemen gekomen, maar ik gaf standaard bijna al mijn geld uit aan kleding. Nu ga ik voor 4 maanden naar Zuid Amerika en móet ik sparen. Shoppen voelt opeens zo overbodig. Mn hele kast ligt vol met kleding. Misschien niet net dat meest hippe item, maar mooie dingen genoeg. Het geld wat ik nog te besteden heb geef ik liever uit aan leuke dingen met mijn vriend of mijn vriendinnen. En als ik dan toch nog wat koop voel ik me haast schuldig. Nooit verwacht, maar 1 beslissing kan er voor zorgen dat je dingen zo anders gaat zien!
    Leuk dat je stof geeft tot nadenken!

    x Linda


  2. Helemaal mee eens! Ik let zelf ook meer op mijn koopgedrag. Normaal kocht ik veel in de sale, wat ik dan bijv. nog maar even droeg.
    Ik denk nu bij alles wat ik koop, hoe vaak ga ik het dragen. Kan het langer dan een seizoen mee. Zo nee, dan koop ik het niet.
    En ik spaar nu eerder voor meer kwaliteit, dan dat ik een shirtje koop waar na een keer dragen de gaten al invallen.



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