burgundy jeans

Today I thought I'd get my heels out of my closet again.. wearing my Gestuz boots, Zara burgundy jeans, Mango tweed jacket and Pull & Bear turtleneck. My Gestuz boots are gifted and I got a 20% discount off the turtleneck at the store opening of Pull & Bear in Rotterdam. What I like about my tweed jacket and my turtleneck is that I can wear them with pretty much anything. With the cold I see myself wearing my sweaters more often than I'm used to. Tweed jackets always lift up an outfit with the structure and look they give. Not a bad idea to invest in these two. The most awesome thing about skinny jeans are the ones with a good long zipper on the side like this gold one. I've seen jeans with zippers in the middle of the cut, they're divine. With my height (5"5) I don't fit a lot of jeans, so the zipper makes it both practical and look cool at the same time.

 photo cyliaaaacom-burgundyjeans7.png

Saturdays for me are: spending time with my husband. Thomas had to work last week until late in the evening, so today is kind of special. I get all giddy and excited being with him all day long. Even though this morning we've been spending time on our Iphone's and just sitting next to each other. That's all I can ask for, just being with the two of us. This day is going to be good!

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PS. The long search is over! I found an amazing internship at eco-leatherbag brand O My Bag. I'll be doing all kinds of fun things, from Instagramming (follow @omybag) to research and other cool projects! My favorite bag is the Sleazy Jane.. aka the cool chick in school. Click here for your O My Bag experience! Which one is your favorite?


  1. love the color combo! great jacket :)


  2. Mooie laarsjes, wow!

    x Linda



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