I love being famous

It's funny how we put so much effort into getting famous. Even though we love what we do and famous isn't necessary the end goal, it's definitely a part of it. Especially with people like me, indulging myself with media and all that. I just finished watching a 45-minute video on Oprah's next Chapter interviewing Beyoncé. A lot of people don't know, but a lot of other people do kind of know that famous people are people as well. But how much do we know? Probably not as much as we think. These interviews Oprah does are so very interesting to say the least. Different people, different stories, but the one thing that's always discussed is: the thing we call being famous. As a media savvy person all I'm looking for is what the next best thing is and how I can promote this all with different kinds of media channels? But the more media pushes against people that are famous the more these people want to run away from it. 

That's not how I've experienced media so far. People want to get noticed, people want to put their name on everything, people want to be photographed by magazines and people climb up, up and away.. to famous-dome. What is it about the glitz and the glam that sparks our interest? "Isn't that where the magic happens? Where everything interesting happens, that I need to know about?" Do you? Do you need to know everything about everyone who's untouchable? What if you get to know this stylish, famous person in real life? Be event-buddies, get lunch together every now and then.. what happens? You get used to the fact there's nothing special about them being famous anymore.. and then.. on to the next victim, or who-ever-can-get-me-famous-the-fastest? That's the complete opposite of how relationships work. Real relationships takes hard work, time and focus.

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The title of this post is obviously controversial. I love being famous because I get free gifts, free rides and free cars? Or I love being famous because every else loves famous people? I don't think anyone really has 'being famous' as their ultimate end goal. Unless there's a certain Kardashian involved. This might be a little harsh, I mean the thing we yearn for the most is hope, love and happiness. I'm sure Kim Kardashian has that same desire as well. That's why we shouldn't judge someone by their famous-ness. It gets old, mean and cold really fast. Which is the furthest away I want to associate myself with. There's nothing more hateful than a hateful person. - back to Beyoncé's interview - she just released a documentary about her life, I saw little snippets of the movie and it shows you a complete different side of 'being famous' and the life of the independent, fierce Beyoncé. I've been a Destiny's Child fan, shaked my booty once or twice on Crazy in Love, but I haven't been so up-to-date with her latest solo career. I'm curious how the entire documentary is like.  

Whatever is real, I want to take it. Making decisions, which we do everyday, I'd like to choose what's real. If my home-situation is more real than a certain press event, I choose to stay home. As Beyoncé says: "There's a time and a place for everything." So I think as well. 

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Wearing my Zara biker boots & hat, Gina Tricot mint jumper and Topshop jumpsuit.

Photos by Samantha van Breugel


  1. Looks comfy and cool, I like! ;)


  2. wonderful look, beauty. the sweater is fantastic and your hat too. love it.
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  3. a very interesting post; i suppose a lot of us wishes to be famous even for just a moment at some point or another. but we don't realise the cost of fame. i feel like the kardashians are media whores - an extreme term, but basically they have acquired money and famous at the cost of having the media intrude in almost every aspect of their life. i admire beyonce for wanting to control her private life and hope that she does continue to have a private life alongside her fame.

    as for me? sometimes i think that recognition by strangers would be cool once in a while, but essentially i'm content with a quiet life!


  4. I think we all want to get noticed in good ways, and the problem is when some people want to be famous in a bad way (doing nothing really important at all and that is sad)

    Pretty outfit dear,
    see you!

  5. Great post, you made so many great points here. And I love the look, that knit is amazing! ♥

  6. Love this look girl.


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