I was told by a friend in primary school that white isn't a colour. White was my favorite colour, really it was my mother's favorite colour but what's a 9-year old to do when someone asks what my favorite colour was? I don't know. If my friend gave me some time to think about it, I'd probably say pink. Or.. whatever colour my Dad said was cool. Maybe blue? It got my nine-year old brain thinking, why wasn't white a colour? You could choose it in every 'colour' palette on the computer? - my parents owned a computer store for a very long time - When I came back home I remembered us having a fancy chessboard at home and my Dad, being the highschool chess champion that he was, suggested us to play a game. We had white players on the board and it reminded me of something that happened in school earlier: white is not a colour!

 photo cyliaaaacom-white.png

I immidiately told everyone, well everyone was at home which were my parents and older sister. "Did you know that white isn't actually a colour?" Well, not really quite like that.. I think I asked my mother what her favorite colour was and when she said white, I told her with confidence that white isn't a colour. I mean, of course, everyone knows that

 photo cyliaaaacom-white3.png

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 photo cyliaaaacom-white4.png

I call it my yeti coat. It's from an old Zara collection. So is my white blazer and my jumper is from Monki. And of course my cool Converse all star ox.

Photos by Samantha van Breugel


  1. your smile is so beautiful...


  2. you look really sweet :) great look anyway :)


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