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I had such an amazing weekend. Unbelievable how motivated and inspired I feel right now. Not necessary the feeling that I want to concur the world, but more changes that I'm going to make in my daily routine and habits. I'm a person who can adapt to any situation instantly and for a very long time I felt like I couldn't really do any wrong. Which is all in the head. Of course I make mistakes and I can't always please everyone.

There's a differance between wanting to change, to actually doing it. Which I've post-poned a lot. "I can do that later.. I want to enjoy life how it is now." Really, only excuses of mine. There are certain environments and sitiations I don't want to get myself involved with and I'd like to use my choice of freedom for the better not to create chaos or to please my selfish needs.

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It's not easy to put yourself out there as a person with other beliefs, but then again it is. You know, circumstances happen.. all the time. But I strongly belief that circumstances don't have to have a hold on you. They can influence you, but they shouldn't control your life. There are far greater things in life that needs attention. It's funny how fear, anger, negativity, a grumpy attitude can control someone's life.

- been there done that -

and how I was so comfortable with involving myself with the dark, grumpy, gossiping people that I was more afraid of my own strength and light than I was for the dark. Where light is, there is love. And love overcomes everything. I'd like to hug love every single day I wake up.

 photo cyliaaaacom-workoutfit.png

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This is one of my favorite outfits to wear. A crisp white blazer with a thick sweater underneath it, comfortable boyfriend jeans and boots to keep me from the cold. I like the mix between casual and a more sophisticated look. Wearing Zara blazer, biker boots and TRF jeans, Pull & Bear turtleneck.

Photos by Samantha van Breugel


  1. i love this casual chic look! i usually stray away from white clothing outside of workwear however the turtleneck jumper is just sooooooo lovely! may have to get one for myself! absolutely loving the boots as well!

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  2. Normaal ben ik nooit zo'n fan van coltruien maar dit is geweldig, echt (:

  3. Wow! Normaalgesproken is wit op wit altijd een beetje tricky, maar jouw outfit ziet er top uit!

  4. I love your waffle knit and those boots are BEAUT!! xx


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