I choose what's comfortable

You know why? Because it's easy. There's nothing more easy than choosing for whats comfortable. Because why would we choose to feel uncomfortable? Being comfortable is not wrong, it's when you choose to stay there for too long, it's wrong. There's a reason why we can't stay still for too long, there's something itching telling us to do something. I don't blame your intuition. This is how we are build and how we are suppose to respond. So many reasons to go for easy peesy. I mean, my logic tells me it's a go, so what's there to stop me? Hold on. So, everything that's logic, makes sense? But what if my friend over here doesn't find it logic at all, but to me it is. Does that mean the thing we were talking about is still logic?

How do we define something is logic?

I guess you would have to see it with your own eyes, maybe even feel it and smell it. Because then, I know that it's real. It makes sense so it must be right. What about everything that you can't see? Does that falls out of the question just because my logic tells me I can't connect the dots? I don't think so. Do we also say that about love? No. We can't exactly define what connects one person to the other when seeing a couple. But we know it's there. It makes sense, so it must be right*

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*Until about five years ago everything that never been logic to me was love. Let me tell you a little about this. True love is found when both of the person's intentions are genuine. In my previous relationships I've experienced love by looking for it in the wrong people and places. It taught me how love worked around my family and friends to show me how I needed to get out of situations. And how I wasn't ready for anything big in my life to happen, even though I so thought I was. I've made some sacrifices, to jump into what I cannot see, and to trust what's ahead of me. Because you know what, the outcome of that leap I took, is beyond anything of this world. When go for it a hundred precent, my mind is focused, and my heart is genuine, whatever descision I have to make.. the outcome will always turn out good. That exactly is what I've learned that's so precious to me. Love overcomes everything.


  1. Yup I wear what is comfortable and practical for me too! x

  2. love your pants., great outfit..I just started a new blog. check it out and follow each other?


  3. love the pants!


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