she's interesting

..and the Oscar for the funniest speech goes to.. Jennifer Lawrence. I only know her from the movie Hunger Games and the new movie Silver Linings Playbook. Where other people found her bad as an actress in the Hunger Games, I thought she was a fresh new face. She seemed herself and very genuine. Never would I have known that she was as genuine in real life as well. I've encounter times that I had to be on screen and wouldn't know what to do. I find it really hard to be completely myself in front of any screen. It's usually the pressure that producers put on you, because they want something out of you.. but you don't know quite what.

Jennifer Lawrence does well to not only be herself but be as uncool as possible, which makes it cool. Still following me? I think she's pretty funny, really bold and just says.. whatever. But not the type of whatever that she wrecks her life, but the type of whatever that's more free-spirited. Without further ado.. here's the must-see video.


  1. She's hilarious! I actually didn't see The Hunger Games before I saw her at the Oscars. Now I did watch it and even though I'm not a huge fan, I still love Jennifer!

  2. She is funny, and look so gorgeous with her gown dress. And I can´t believe she fall down on the way to the stage.

    x, airene

  3. Die 3e foto vind ik echt leuk, leuke outfit ook :) X


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