..the more time I spend exploring this city the more treasures I find. You can tell that Amsterdam has a rich history, by looking at the historic and story-telling houses on the canals. They speak to me when I walk passed.. "buy me, buy me." No, that's a lie. I walk passed them and I want to know more about these people, sitting at the window, drinking their coffee. I would feel royal waking up in a mansion like this. I would feel obligated to take a picture of my view every single day..
 photo Canvasbag-Cyliaaaacom.jpg
..I've spend all my life in this country, but not until about two years ago I've discovered Amsterdam in a much more intimate way. This city is kind of amazing. You hear tourists saying it all the time.. but I guess if you are close to something you don't always see the beauty of it..
 photo Canvasbag6-Cyliaaaacom.jpg
 photo CanvasbagIV-Cyliaaaacom.jpg
..well, I'm off now! Spending Mothersday in church this morning. Ps. Phil Pringle preaching up a storm today. Speak soon!..

  • Bag by O My Bag
  • Blazer by Zara
  • Shoes by Converse
  • Jeans by ONLY


  1. Beautiful pictures. I would love to go to Amsterdam some day. xx

  2. Wauwie wat een mooie foto's, mooie basic look ook :)

  3. Ja Amsterdam is zo mooi! Ik fiets er steeds vaker rond en begin steeds verliefder te worden op die stad. Geweldige tas trouwens, en wat zit je haar geweldig! X

  4. you're gorgeous baby


  5. What a fun tote bag! I love it. Love these photos... Thought you were in SF first from the top part of that first image, then I looked closer.... haha

    Kate from Clear the Way

  6. I'd love to go to Amsterdam!
    Nice casual look :)

  7. Lieve bezoeker van Juicey. Dit is absoluut geen spam. Ik wil je graag via deze weg op de hoogte brengen dat Juicey niet meer bestaat. Misschien heb je dit zelf de afgelopen dagen al ontdekt. Juicey is tot mijn grote spijt door mijn host verwijderd. Maar niet getreurd. Ik heb inmiddels mijn eigen domein en het vervolg van Juicey lees je nu op TrendHunter.nl. Ik hoop je daar snel weer te zien, want ik vond je reacties altijd leuk om te lezen. Liefs,Tess


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