..Today is a perfect day to stay home. The life of a post-graduate and working from home can have its advantages. Today and tomorrow I have to prepare myself to prevent a jet lag and to have packed everything I need for Wednesday. The jet lag I can't really do much about, but the packing part is a whole other story. Today is also the last day I want to be glued to the computer. My day usually goes like this: waking up, even before I brush my teeth I grab my computer and do some necessary tasks in the morning. And I get stuck behind the computer. Some days of the week there are meetings planned, but not for another month! Because I'm going on a vacation. The thing about staying home is that it works for me. I get most of my stuff done when I'm in a place where I feel most comfortable in. When I was a student, my fellow students allows studied at public libraries or at a friends place. I could never imagine myself doing that. I can't concentrate as well as I can when I'm alone. When working with other people I used to always get comments that I seem to be wandering off all the time. Thinking and dreaming about whatever.. but in reality, I was already thinking ahead. It may seem like I wasn't doing anything at all, but really.. I'm ten steps ahead. Not to be cocky, but in real life this was usually the case. So now, in my own environment, I can leave all the judgements behind and I can really focus on work. A lot of people associate working from home with having all the luxuries in the world. I mean, it does come with luxury, I'm not the one complaining. But I also think it takes discipline. And apparently I have a ton of that. As well with my healthy lifestyle (have you read my weight loss story yet?) and with all other aspects of my life. I'm wearing my wellies today. Probably the last time I will wear this, at least for a month. I'll be away in sunny paradise..
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 photo DSC_0447_zpsb4f2285b.jpg
 photo DSC_0439_zpsae69b86d.jpg
 photo DSC_0401_zps7e1b428a.jpg
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..I'm going to pack this enormous suitcase I borrowed from my mother-in-law, it fits 20 kilos! I'm able to take 25 kilos with me to Australia. I'm sure I will succeed. I'm going to put some stuff in it today and I'll be going back and forward thinking about other necessary stuff to put in. The last thing I want is to have forgotten my camera for instance. Have a lovely start of the week everyone!..

  • Boots rain wellies by Crocs
  • Coat trench by Zara
  • Jeans by Vero Moda
  • Top white by H&M

Photography by Charlotte Champion


  1. Amazing photos! Very lovely x


  2. Als ik thuis ben heb ik juist zoveel afleiding dat ik het soms moeilijk vind om me er te concentreren, maar dat is voor iedereen anders natuurlijk.
    Fijne vakantie en hele mooie laarzen!

  3. Cool!
    Great pics!


  4. Super cool look darling!



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