home again

..I just woke up. Thomas and I arrived yesterday afternoon. My awesome dad and my sister picked us up at the airport. It was so funny seeing them again. I'm not as disappointed as I thought I would, being back home. I actually kind of wanted to be home again. It was probably the best holiday I've ever had. I woke up this morning reminiscing about the past few weeks in Australia and realizing I'm not there anymore. I had such a great time with meeting new people and meeting the family, and experiencing Australia to the fullest. I've done every touristy stuff around Sydney you could think of. And I've enjoyed myself so so much.. I kept reminding myself to fully enjoy myself every single day. I don't regret anything. You know that itchy feeling that you have when you think "Oh, I wish I would've done this.. or would've gone to this person.." But I don't have that at all. Which is such a good feeling. I hope everyone's doing well and embracing winter and.. Christmas! Only one month left of festivities and Christmas is already here. I missed full-time blogging, my friend and family, and you..
 photo GuessJeansHampMwhitejumperConverseAllstarox-cyliaaaacom1.jpg
 photo GuessJeansHampMwhitejumperConverseAllstarox-cyliaaaacom6.jpg
 photo GuessJeansHampMwhitejumperConverseAllstarox-cyliaaaacom2.jpg
 photo GuessJeansHampMwhitejumperConverseAllstarox-cyliaaaacom4.jpg
 photo GuessJeansHampMwhitejumperConverseAllstarox-cyliaaaacom5.jpg
 photo GuessJeansHampMwhitejumperConverseAllstarox-cyliaaaacom3.jpg

  • Jumper white by H&M
  • Sneakers All star ox by Converse
  • Glasses by French Connection via Specsavers
  • Jeans by GUESS

Photography by Charlotte Champion


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