..Yesterday was so much fun. My cousin Vicky invited her closest friends to a dinner party. The evening was Disney-themed. Which meant we each needed to be a different princess. I decided to go for Pocahontas, just because I could wear my fringe boots and my favorite boho top. It was a nine-course dinner plus dessert. I was already full after the third to be honest haha. I'm not used to eating as much, even though it was quite small portions. I got to know all of her good friends as well. It's good to know that my cousin has such great friends around her. At the end of the night her five best friends prepared an entire song for her, including music! They sang about how amazing she is to them. They also let Vicky know what they thought of her when they first met her. So cute. It made my heart melt. Good friends are hard to come by and you're lucky if you find them. Now back to the outfit. Today's outfit is what I like to wear when I'm at home. Jumpsuits are so comfortable to wear, though this one might be a little bit too cold for the weather. I hope Tuesday is treating you well!..
 photo DSC_0240_zps10c15abe.jpg
 photo DSC_0316_zps1ebb9246.jpg
 photo DSC_0294_zps6abd470b.jpg
 photo DSC_0257_zpsa3d6a529.jpg
 photo DSC_0239_zpsb2ecd796.jpg

  • Jumpsuit by Topshop
  • Jacket denim by H&M
  • Shoes chelsea black boots by River Island
  • Glasses by French Connection via Specsavers
  • Scarf by Saint Tropez

Photography by Charlotte Champion

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  1. Love the denim jacket and scarf. Perfect combo <3

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