..Today we're celebrating Sinterklaas. It's a Dutch holiday where you get together with family or friends and exchange presents with each other. The difference between Christmas, is that you need to make a poem and think of a creative way to package your present. Me and my friends got together last night and we got more creative than we thought we would. I made a heart and wrote a text on the heart that refers to the present inside the heart. Check out the result. The person I made this present for better be happy with it! haha.. or else I'll take it home with me myself. We're actually celebrating 'kerstklaas' this Saturday with friends. Which is a combination of Christmas and Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas is more for little children, but we like to celebrate it with friends as well. Just for fun. Tonight I'm going to have dinner at my mother-in-law's place. I'm going to cook dinner. Not sure what I'm going to cook yet. I wish all the Dutchies a happy Sinterklaas! and for the rest of the world, just a regular Thursday..
 photo DSC_0423_zpsbf82fb02.jpg
 photo DSC_0341_zps35a47314.jpg photo DSC_0382_zpsf87b3059.jpg
 photo DSC_0374_zpsfcdb0f89.jpg
 photo DSC_0371_zps39a1c1b9.jpg

  • Jacket tweed by Zara
  • T-shirt by Saint Tropez
  • Jeans ripped black by Zara
  • Sneakers All star ox by Converse
  • Bag Sleazy Jane black by O My Bag

Photography by Charlotte Champion


  1. This sounds like such a fun tradition!

    Really love your outfit. Very chic but also a little bit downtown. The jacket is gorgeous! xx

  2. fantastic look - fantastic jacket!
    i'm in love.
    maren anita

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  3. Sounds like a nice tradition :)
    Love this look, so cool and stylish, the jacket is amazing!


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