fringe boots

..I'm still really happy with my Topshop boots. They were such a lucky find. Because when I visited the store a few days later, all the sale was completely gone. Bummed I didn't buy the boots in a different colour. They were a fraction of the original price. Secretly I had a party in my head screaming: "THEY LOOK LIKE THOSE ISABEL MARANT BOOTS." hahaha I swear that's not the only reason I bought these. They are real suede and such good quality. So many reasons screamed my name. Boots are probably the only shoe type my feet are comfortable with other than sneakers. But I'm not really a sneaker girl. I can't walk on heels to save my life. My feet aren't able to walk in heels for more than ten minutes. it hurts and I really don't feel comfortable wearing heels anymore. Somehow I feel so exposed and I feel like I demand the wrong attention. I just feel comfortable in boots. Thank you to the shoe Gods for bringing these beauties in my life. Almost weekend you guys! Almost time for a rest. Though my weekends are usually more eventful than during the week..
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 photo DSC_0031.jpg
 photo DSC_0008.jpg

  • Coat double-breasted by Zara
  • Jeans moto baxter by Topshop
  • Shoes fringe boots by Topshop
  • Jumper stripes by H&M
  • Scarf faux fur by H&M

Photography by Charlotte Champion

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  1. love your coat and your glasses! so chic


    Erin @ http://www.truffles-ruffles.com/


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