modefabriek / mbfwa '14

..Last week(end) it was all about fashion week. I had such a blast at Modefabriek and was happy to see familiar faces. This year I took my buddy Charlotte with me. Modefabriek is mostly meant for retailers, but there's a lot going on for visitors and press as well. Plus you can buy all kinds exclusive goodies before they hit the stores. I for instance really like getting to know brands and other companies on a more personal level. As much as I like seeing all the different booths, there's just something about the initiative MINT. Modefabriek is divided in different categories. One of them is the platform MINT. When you enter you somehow feel more 'part of a story'. Plus mint green is my absolute favorite colour, of course. How can we forget that. I got to speak to a few power women. I spoke to Marieke Eyskoot (founder of this platform) once again, surprised she remembered my name. I love that she's always so outgoing and spontaneous. And I got to meet Laura de Jong, co-writer of the book 'Dear Fashion Diary'. Laura gave us a private tour of all the lovely labels. After the tour we were lucky enough to got given a goodie bag with all kinds of products from different labels. My fashion week experience in a nutshell: fell in love with the pastel (mint) collection of My Paper Bag, won a knitted headband from Granny's Finest, enjoyed the Dorhout Mees fashion show, loved seeing familiar faces, shout out to: the girls from O My Bag and Maaike Groen from Miss Green, loved meeting new faces, shout out to: Ocean Republic, Yellow 108, OBJECT, four to six and Granny's Finest, had a private tour bus to take us from the tradeshow to the fashion show and... had lots of fun. See you fashion week! We'll meet again in summer!..
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Photography by Charlotte Champion

Shown in pictures (in order): My Paper Bag, Amator, Anecdote, BSAB, Granny's Finest, Ocean Republic, Dorhout Mees (fashion show), Studio Jux, Miss Green, O My Bag, Armed Angels


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