winter blues

..Hibernation is a time when animals sleep during cold weather.. I think I could use that right now. Winter makes me want to crawl in my bed and sleep in a little longer. Especially from January until March, it seems like the winter is going on forever. Every year I get that same feeling. I just function better when it's warmer outside. I don't like the cold. It's finally Friday and I can already smell the weekend. Yesterday I went out to dinner with my cousins and watched a movie. I've been to Vapiano a lot, it's a great restaurant for pasta and pizza. I've always really liked it, but I really didn't like my pasta last night. I don't know what it was, but I was really disappointed in their food. Maybe we just had a bad cook that night. We also decided to watch the new movie Leonardio Di Caprio plays in.. the wall street movie. Which was interesting to say the least. No I didn't liked the movie. There's was no real story behind it and there was too much cursing and naked people going on. I think I need another detox now. Plus the movie lasted about three hours. Horrible. At one point I just wanted to leave the cinema, because it was just too much crap. Tonight I'm going to church and hoping Saturday will be a very peaceful..
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 photo DSC_0374.jpg
 photo DSC_0357.jpg
 photo DSC_0369.jpg
 photo DSC_0354.jpg

  • Jeans paisley by One Teaspoon
  • Shoes all star ox by Converse
  • jacket leather by Topshop
  • T-shirt grey by Saint Tropez
  • Glasses Karl Lagerfeld by Specsavers

Photography by Charlotte Champion


  1. you look so pretty, love your look. xx

  2. But your wonderful pants make me immediately awake :)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  3. Nice outfit!
    Love your scarf!


  4. Such a cool pair of jeans! ♥


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